What We Are Looking For

  1. Looking for client Proficient in Computer Management; webmaster tools, SEO Optimization, Experienced, and Knowledgeable with google for non -profits; Ability to Administrate for
  2. Set up Pay-per click using google adwords.
  3. Draw Donors to the site using  their Expertise and Experience in Fundraising both for Main site and Mobile site.
  4. Ability to optimize Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Pintrest Rss Feeds etc. Create videos to optimize VCHF.
  5. Ability to respond to emails from Donors setting up autoresponders.
  6. Work with other causes to promote VCHF.
  7. Set up Fundraising events, recruit people for these events.


  • At least a B.A degree in Web analysis
  • Must have a passion for working with needy kids, displaced children & Elderly.

PERKS: Weekly pay, on a consignment basis.

Affiliates welcome: Each Donor you recruit from your website, you will receive $10.00 as long as donor use you as referral.

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